Concurve® Gearing

Concurve® gearing is an exclusive version of our HTSR™ gear technology. This innovative gear tooth design is not a typical involute form. The Concurve is a “spur gear”Concurve Gearing with stronger teeth created for the strength and life cycle duty requirements of the United States military and is now available to you. Its primary application is found in parallel axis gear and gearbox designs. You will find a compelling comparison of Concurve gearing to involute gearing below.

  • 50% more running time hours at equivalent loads
  • 50% more torque capacity in the same frame size
  • 33% smaller frame size to achieve equivalent torque capacity
  • 90% minimum efficiency
  • Low backlash
  • Greater shock resistance due to larger stronger teeth

Concurve Gearing 2

The unique shape of the Concurve gear tooth is one reason why ITW Heartland achieves continuous torque ratings that are two to six times greater than gearboxes or gear sets using standard involute tooth form in most applications.