Custom Gearboxes

HTSR™ Gearing concepts and designs are used in customized gearboxes around the world. ITW Heartland can design theCustom Gearboxes custom gearing or an entire gearbox for your application. Whether inline, planetary, or right angle, a custom solution can be achieved with our proven design and engineering services.

Outcomes that can be achieved with Custom Gearboxes include:

  • 30-50% more torque a smaller work envelope
  • High efficiency
  • Wide range of gear ratios available during design
  • Near zero backlash capability
  • Application suitability and fit with custom designs
  • Quiet operation
  • Long life duty
  • Lifetime lubrication
  • Coolant exchange design options

Typical uses for ITW Heartland Gear Boxes:

  • Actuators
  • Pumps
  • Fan drives
  • Remote power generation
  • Robotic arms
  • Weapons systems
  • Auger drives

Key Custom Design Options:

  • Ratio Range: Choose from 6:1 to more than 400:1 in Spiroid® and Helicon® gearboxes. No other type of gear system is capable of spanning this range of ratios.
  • Backlash: Choose a near zero backlash design at our standard pricing
  • Configuration: Choose from a solid output shaft, hollow output shaft, dual output shafts, and many more.
  • Special Design Efficiency: Accommodate higher dynamic or self-locking efficiencies with the versatility of Spiroid® and Helicon® gearing
  • Application Considerations: Designs will address space limitations and mounting requirements to meet your specific application requirements.