Endicon® Couplings

Our Endicon® brand of indexing and face coupling rings are used for inline power transmission where zero backlash andEndicon Couplings precise location control are required. The two components are mirror images of each other and can transfer very high torque for inline applications.

  • Self-centeringRigid and stiff coupling
  • Very high load transfer capability
  • Indexing calling out less than one degree of true position
  • Accuracies within plus or minus 3 arc seconds
  • Uniform tooth spacing with angular position repeatability of .000050 inch
  • Variable tooth geometry for specific applications
  • Material options for gear selected


An Endicon ring set can be used as a precise indexing device or as a face type coupling. While Endicon rings are useful in many applications, they are particularly valuable for these requirements:

  1. Where space and/or weight limitations do not allow a conventional shaft coupling.
  2. Where keys or splines are not sufficient for the torque load, or require excessive axial clearances for component assembly or disassembly.
  3. Where finite incremental indexing of one member with respect to another is required.
  4. Where quick disengagement is required.Where maximum rigidity is required.
  5. Where positive engagement of two components must also be a common center.