HTSR Gearing

Conquering big challenges in small spaces

High Torque to Space Ratio - HTSR logo

HTSR™ Gearing (High Torque to Space Ratio) is exclusive to ITW Spiroid. Our designs and gears have been proven in military, aerospace, and industry applications for the past 50 years. HTSR™ Gearing is used in both right angle and inline applications.

There are times when traditional gearing methods simply will not provide the power and torque needs required within space or weight limitations. And that is exactly where HTSR™ Gearing will shine.

HTSR™ Gearing is designed to meet difficult application requirements, rather than modifying the application to the limited capability of a gearing method.

HTSR™ Gearing can be applied to all the ITW Spiroid trademarked designs and is used in:

  • Custom gearbox designs

  • Spiroid® and Helicon® gearing

  • Concurve® spur type gearing

  • Endicon® indexing and coupling rings