Spiroid® & Helicon® Gearing

The Spiroid family of gears consists of two trademarked brands, Spiroid® and Helicon®. This type of gearing, often referred to as “skew axis gearing”, operates onSpiroid Gearing non-intersecting and non-parallel axes. Our designs are produced with contemporary software, tooling, and methods developed by ITW. We own and maintain the intellectual property to all of our proprietary gearing technology. The Spiroid family of gears is designed exclusively for right angle power transmission where high torque is required from a small gear set envelope. A variety of materials can be used including steel, brass, aluminum bronze, forgings, powder metal, and plastic (either molded or cut). Typical features include: high torque capability, high stiffness, quiet operation, compact and lightweight design, and easy assembly. Ratios are available ranging from 3:1 to more than 400:1.

Spiroid & Helicon GearingThe example to the left contrasts Spiroid and Helicon gearing to traditional right angle power transmission methods (bevel gearing and worm gearing).The offset from the gear centerline allows the Spiroid and Helicon gearing to maintain more tooth surface to be in contact at any time, thus increasing the contact ratio. By increasing the contact ratio, higher torque capacity is generated and motion transmission is smoother.

Key Characteristics

  • Simple and positive backlash control – zero backlash in certain cases
  • Right or left-hand gear orientation
  • Bi-directional driven gears
  • Adjustable mounting distance based on assembly variation
  • High accuracy for precise positioning or indexing and constant velocity
  • High reduction ratios
  • Superior shock strengthHigh torque capability in relationship to gear set size
  • Quiet operation
  • Material options for the gear desired
  • Compact and lightweight
  • High stiffness
  • Design flexibility to meet the application requirements rather than developing the application requirements to meet the gearing method