Heartland’s Sustainability Program evolves

For two days in late October, key management officials within ITW Heartland participated in an intensive off-site Corporate Sustainability program. This program drew from corporate ITW sustainability leadership as well as leading industry authorities within the sustainability movement. According to Heartland General Manager, Brian Baustian, “Sustainability is not a new concept to ITW or to Heartland, but it is clear through some of our education and conversations that sustainability is an ongoing commitment – one that requires consistent focus and effort.”

Among other things, intended outcomes of the gathering include a more complete understanding of the definition of “sustainability,” a recognition of the responsibility that business and industry have within the larger social meaning of
the word, and the unique role individual employees can play as they go about their daily roles – both at home and at ITW Heartland. “Most importantly,” says Baustian, “this program is intended to be the first phase in a series of conversations designed to establish and maintain “sustainability” at the core of our business philosophy.”

About ITW Heartland
ITW Heartland is a certified leader in precision engineered machines, parts, gears, and electro-mechanical products. Located in Alexandria, Minnesota, ITW Heartland has four distinct divisions: Spiroid Gearing (design and manufacturing of custom right angle drives, gear boxes and loose gearing); Manufactured Products (low to mid quantity precision machining with a specific expertise in horizontal CNC technology); Strategic Assembly Solutions (complete machine design and assembly services); and ITW Gear Machines (designer and manufacturer of full line of high speed gear inspection and gear burnishing die equipment). As an Illinios Tool Works Company, ITW Heartland operates from a position of financial stability, engineering excellence, and refined manufacturing process.

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