ITW Heartland Announces Quality Certifications for its Manufactured Products Division

ITW Heartland, a certified leader in precision engineered machines and gears, announced its recent AS9100 certification for quality standards compliance in the demanding aerospace and defense industries. The AS9100 certification demonstrates ITW Heartland’s stringent application of comprehensive quality standards imperative to the manufacturing of hardware of aerospace and defense – where there is no margin for error.

ITW Heartland’s Manufactured Products division was also re-certified for the ISO 9001 quality management standard. With this re-certification, ITW Heartland ensures that quality management processes are being applied throughout its operations. Both certifications signify the company’s commitment to maintaining a strong value of “quality and excellence”.

Brian Baustian, ITW Heartland General Manager, understands the importance of receiving the certifications on both an industry level and company level. “Achieving AS9100 compliance is a demonstration of our unique achievements as an industry leader in materials and manufacturing processes, as well as a testament to ITW’s corporate values that are embedded in every aspect of customer service,” Baustian said. “ITW Heartland has always been proud of our customer-centric approach to business. Our goal is to ensure that every customer receives their order on time – the right way – the first time and every time.”

AS9100 is based on the ISO 9001 quality management standard, with 80 additional requirements and 18 addendums specific to the aerospace industry.

About ITW Heartland
ITW Heartland is a certified leader in precision engineered machines, parts, gears, and electro-mechanical products. Located in Alexandria, Minnesota, ITW Heartland has four distinct divisions: Spiroid Gearing (design and manufacturing of custom right angle drives, gear boxes and loose gearing); Manufactured Products (low to mid quantity precision machining with a specific expertise in horizontal CNC technology); Strategic Assembly Solutions (complete machine design and assembly services); and ITW Gear Machines (designer and manufacturer of full line of high speed gear inspection and gear burnishing die equipment). As an Illinios Tool Works Company, ITW Heartland operates from a position of financial stability, engineering excellence, and refined manufacturing process.

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