Kindness Spontaneously Changes Us

ITW Heartland is a company with a sense of purpose and mission. That mission is constantly in action, whether during the workday, or in faraway places. ITW Heartland Senior Machine Builder Tony Bredy set out with a team from the Alexandria area earlier this summer for a one-week mission trip. They traveled to Morelos, Mexico – about 1½ hrs from Mexico City – to reach out and serve the local people.

Organized by Merge Ministries, the schedule included VBS, healthy lifestyle training, prayer for needs, and medical services. Bredy and the rest of the team spent their nights in local resident homes, allowing them to experience the culture and hospitality firsthand. Many of the team members were saddened by the poverty but were humbled by the people’s contentment and willingness to share.

The lives of those they served were impacted in many ways, but the individual team members’ lives and worldviews were changed forever.

“Ironically, the ones who are the most transformed through acts of generosity are those who are the conduits of kindness,” noted Bredy. “As we made ourselves available through love and serving, we were deeply affected with a new understanding of God’s compassion for all people.”

About ITW Heartland
ITW Heartland is a certified leader in precision engineered machines, parts, gears, and electro-mechanical products. Located in Alexandria, Minnesota, ITW Heartland has four distinct divisions: Spiroid Gearing (design and manufacturing of custom right angle drives, gear boxes and loose gearing); Manufactured Products (low to mid quantity precision machining with a specific expertise in horizontal CNC technology); Strategic Assembly Solutions (complete machine design and assembly services); and ITW Gear Machines (designer and manufacturer of full line of high speed gear inspection and gear burnishing die equipment). As an Illinios Tool Works Company, ITW Heartland operates from a position of financial stability, engineering excellence, and refined manufacturing process.

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