Spiroid Partners with Precision Motor Manufacturer, maxon motors

Earlier this month, prominent Swiss motor manufacturer maxon motors launched a new right angle Spiroid gearhead to complement its 22mm and 32mm motors.  Designed to achieve maximum torque with minimal space claim, the Spiroid gear form represents the perfect complement to maxon’s high quality, power-dense motors.  Together, Spiroid and maxon are able to transmit power at 90 degrees in one of the smallest form factors on the market. 

“We’ve put a lot of time and energy into perfecting this product and we’re excited to see it flourish under a brand as reputable as maxon’s,” said Heartland’s Director of Operations, Randy Meyer.  “They have been fantastic to work with and we look forward to supporting and growing this product line well into the future.”

The 22mm and 32mm right angle gearheads are available in either a 4:1 or 31:1 ratio, resulting in four possible configurations.  Each of these configurations may be mounted directly onto many of maxon’s brushed/brushless motors OR configured with different ratios of maxon’s GP22 and GP32 planetary gearheads.  This results in a wide range of achievable gear reductions. 

Additional information and technical data is available by contacting maxon at info@maxonmotorusa.com.  For more on maxon, visit www.maxonmotorusa.com.”